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Re-Elect Dai Thao for Ward 1

Updates on the 2019 Election Results:


It has been the greatest honor to represent my wonderful neighbors in Saint Paul's Ward 1, and I am deeply grateful for the trust that voters have placed in me by re-electing me to this office throughout the years. We are a community of survivors and inspiring Americans not afraid to make our city a better home for all of us. I couldn’t be more proud to call you my friends and neighbors. My friends, I am DFL, Fire, and Labor endorsed, and I am asking you to rank me as your first choice on November 5th, and allow me to serve you again.

After losing two of my sisters and a brother during the Vietnam Conflict, better known as the Secret War in Laos, and after surviving the stricken refugee camps, my family made it to Minnesota. I didn’t speak a lick of English and grew up dirt poor in the roach and mice infested public housing. The stripping away of my human dignity through the tragedy of war, hunger, poverty, and racism have led me to serve you. I wanted to do what I could so that you and your family don’t have to experience my hurt and pain, because your struggle is my struggle.

When you elected me in 2013, I went to work right away - driving hard-bargain in city hall, bringing city hall to the community, and uniting us across race and culture, gender and generations, faith and neighborhoods.

Together, we have worked fearlessly to - 

  • create and preserve affordable housing option in the city to fight gentrification
  • hold government more accountable
  • bring diverse communities together
  • build economic vitality
  • tackle the racial disparities gap
  • ensured city services operated equitably across our neighborhoods

We have stood strongly as one, as the city around us progressively changed, and I want you to know that I will continue to fight for accessible and equitable resources and help bring more opportunities to Ward 1. I have never swayed from listening to and empathizing with our diverse communities and leading equitable policies with a well-balanced approach.

 My family and I have planted our roots here in Ward 1 and we are not going anywhere. I am asking for your continued support because our work is not done. Let us create progress for all!




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