Councilmember Thao was sworn into office on November 21, 2013

If you need to reach him - please contact the Ward 1 office at:

Dai Thao,  Councilmember  Email
Noel Nix, Legislative Aide  Email
Joan Phillips, Executive Assistant  Email 

310-A City Hall
15 Kellogg Blvd., West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Ph: (651) 266-8610   Fx: (651) 266-8574 




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 11, 2013

Contact: Laura Nevitt, 612-708-4644


Councilmember-Elect Will Fight for Progress for All of Ward 1

Saint Paul, MN (November 11, 2013) – Dai Thao was declared the unofficial winner in the Special Election for Saint Paul City Council Ward 1. Thao broke through in a highly competitive race that saw seven candidates vying to succeed Melvin Carter, III, who stepped down earlier this year. The first Hmong-American ever to be elected to the Saint Paul City Council, Thao pledged to fight for progress for all of Ward 1.

“Here in Ward 1, we recognize that our diversity is our strength, and though we may have a different history, we share a  common destiny. Just as I have done on the campaign trail, I will work tirelessly to build partnerships across all races, cultures and backgrounds, bringing people together to create positive change that strengthens our communities” said Councilmember-Elect Thao.

The competitive race remained positive to the end, with candidates putting forward their strengths and visions for progress in Ward 1. Said Thao, “I want to thank all of my supporters for their trust in me and our bold vision. And for those who didn’t make me their first choice vote, I will work just as hard for you. I also want to thank all the other candidates for a spirited and positive campaign. I have benefited from their perspectives on the campaign trail.”

Thao will be sworn in on November 21st, a short timeline due to the Special Election. He will replace Nathaniel Khaliq who has been serving as interim Councilmember since June.


Dear Neighbors, 

Please vote for me as your 1st Choice on November 5th, for St. Paul City Council Ward 1. For too long the benefits of progress in Ward 1 have bypassed its people and gone to people who don't live here or work here. That is because the people of Ward 1 haven’t been at the table when decisions have been made. 

Dai Thao Video

Ward 1 is a community of resilient survivors, problem-solvers and entrepreneurs. We’re hard-working and want our fair share. 

We want to make a better life for ourselves and our kids. But we look around and there are so many obstacles to opportunity.

We hoped that if we worked hard our kids wouldn't face the same roadblocks we did. But they do.

I want to fix that. If you believe as I believe, that our diversity is our strength, if we look past the fear of people who don’t look like us, if we work together, we can give the good people of Ward 1 a seat at the table, and exert pressure on the levers of opportunity so that the benefits of progress in Ward 1 go to the people of Ward 1. 

 Labor Endorsed

Deep down in my heart, I know that despite the fact that we come from different backgrounds, lived different childhoods, have different education, are of different culture and different race; we all share a common destiny. Time, history, and fate have brought ALL of us here together in the pursuit of a good life we can be proud of. I know that you and I are interconnected, that my three children’s quality of life depends on your children’s quality of life. 

I know that we must not fail them here. We must not fail them now. We must put a stop to the isolation of communities and neighborhoods. We must begin to heal the trust in each other and thrive together. For too long we've just been surviving. It is time for us to thrive!

I have committed myself to you and your future. Now I am asking you to commit yourself to a dream we can co-create together. 

Please join my campaign today and let’s thrive together in Ward1.


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